Fontenay-près-Vézelay is situated within arm's length of one of the main tourist attractions of the Burgundy (Bourgogne) region, the UNESCO protected place of peregrination Vézelay, on top of a 300m hill dominating the landscape. The whole region around Vézelay recently received recognition as 'Grand site de France' because of its historic heritage background. Plenty of quaint villages with Roman churches, bridges and archaeological sites display the richness of its history.

The hills in our region, the Morvan, are in fact a lead-out of the Massif Central in central France. This hilly landscape in the northern Morvan features soft slopes strewn with green pastures, where both rippling creeks and wild rivers intersect and with the main waterways flowing into large reservoirs. The quiet meadows, lined with trees, green embankments and bushes, are roamed by the typical white Charolais cattle. Interesting to mention also is that the air in this region is the cleanest in the whole of Europe.